B.A. Theater - Pomona College, 2012, Costume Design concentration

M.A.T. Art Education - Tufts/SMFA, 2017

Arts Administration

Artful Healing Coordinator

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

Boston, MA

2017 - Current

I oversee daily operations of the MFA Artful Healing program, from hiring and training instructors to liaising with hospital partners, documenting program participation, maintaining financial records, supervising interns, and organizing bimonthly Beyond the Spectrum classes for kids and teens on the autism spectrum and their families.

Art Education

I teach machine sewing techniques and skills, including how to make and use a pattern, using a commercial pattern, sewing machine operation and maintenance, and standard construction techniques.

Sewing Instructor

Cambridge Center for Adult Education

Cambridge, MA

2019 - Current

Student Teacher

Edward Devotion School

Public Elementary K-4

Brookline, MA

2016 - 2017

I designed and taught lessons spanning a variety of concepts and media to 450 students ages 5-11. Through teaching, I gained experience in classroom & group management, engagement strategies, and differentiation for diverse student populations.

Teaching Intern

Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Fall 2016

I assisted the instructor for the MFA's Teen Sculpture studio art class. I gained familiarity with sculptural media and became familiar with a museum studio art teaching philosophy.

Through a partnership between Abeille and Boston Children's Hospital, I visited Children's Hospital once per month and taught jewelry making techniques to parents and caretakers of patients.

Jewelry Instructor

Abeille, Brookline, MA

Boston Children's Hospital, Boston, MA

2013 - 2015

I taught individual and group sewing classes to teens, from beginners to advanced. Class topics included basic hand sewing, sewing machine operation, constructing pillows and stuffed toys, following a commercial pattern, garment construction techniques, fashion design, and pattern making.

Sewing Instructor

Abeille, Brookline, MA


As part of the Claremont School of Theater Arts (CSTA) summer program, I designed and taught a 5 week costume design course for 50 students ages 8-13. I taught students about the principles of costume design, as well as hand sewing, pattern drafting, and the safe and correct use of sewing machines and industrial irons.

Costume Design Teacher

Claremont School of Theater Arts, Claremont, CA

Summer 2012

I volunteered and later worked at Church Street School's Summer Arts Preschool program for children ages 3-5. I attended many programs at Church Street School myself as a child, and I greatly enjoyed assisting the art teachers as a volunteer and intern.

Church Street School for Music and Art

New York, NY

Summers 2003 - 2005

Customer Service

My roles in this position incuded retail sales, customer service in person and via phone, visual merchandising, inventory management, restocking, and maintaining a social media presence.

Retail Sales Associate

Brookline Booksmith, Brookline, MA

2014 - 2016

As the manager of a small gallery and marketplace featuring the work of local artists, my roles included retail sales, customer service, visual merchandising, artist recruiter and liaison, web content development, social media management, event coordinator, and intern supervisor.

Gallery Manager

Brookline Market Hall, Brookline, MA

2014 - 2015

As a retail sales associate I primarily worked in customer service, visual merchandising, and inventory management. The store also offered crafts classes and events, for which I taught sewing and jewelry lessons, and coordinated creative birthday parties and events for children and adults.

Retail Sales Associate

Abeille, Brookline, MA

2013 - 2014

Costume Design

As a wardrobe and costume assistant for the Taiwanese film Black & White: The Dawn of Justice, I swatched and bought fabrics, assisted in making clothing samples, finished and distressed garments, performed online and library research, maintained accounting spreadsheets of all expenses, and communicated with suppliers.

Wardrobe Assistant

Prajna Works Entertainment

Designer: Vaughan Alexander

Summer 2013

I worked as a costume shop assistant during my sophomore, junior, and senior years at Pomona College. I worked in all aspects of wardrobe and costume construction, including working from commercial and handmade patterns, making patterns, dyeing, hand finishing, assisting in costume fittings, and using home and industrial sewing machines, irons, blind hemmers, and overlock machines. 

Costume Shop Assistant

Pomona College, Claremont, CA

2009 - 2012

As an costume design assistant, I aided in research, selection and organization of wardrobe elements (including rentals and custom orders,) creation of costume plots and wardrobe checklists, costume fittings, tech rehearsals, and design team meetings.

Costume Design Assistant

Pomona College Department of Theatre and Dance

Designers: Sherry Linnell, Karen Weller

September - May 2009

As a costume shopper and assistant for Roundabout Theater's production of Bye Bye Birdie, I swatched and purchased fabrics, coordinated with costume shops, assisted with costume fittings, and organized and maintained design bibles.

Costume Shopper

Roundabout Theater, New York, NY

Designer: Gregg Barnes

Summer 2009

Following my internship, I was hired as a temporary worker for the summers from 2007 to 2009. I continued to work on cutting and hand-finishing, but also worked on stitching, beading, embellishment, and crafts.

Costume Stitcher and Craftsperson

Tricorne, Inc., New York, NY

Summers 2007 - 2009

As part of my high school's internship program, I worked as a costume intern at Tricorne, Inc. (one of the primary costume shops for Broadway productions.) As an intern, I mainly worked on cutting and hand-finishing elements of costumes for productions such as the musical versions of Wicked, Shrek, and Legally Blonde.

Costume Intern

Tricorne, Inc., New York, NY

2006 - 2007